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Rain and Sky

Chinese Dancing Lion - Decorated

Chinese Dancing Lion - Decorated

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Baby safe (6M+) formula, scented with 100% pure lavender essential oil.

"Roar! I'm a Chinese Dancing Lion and also the king of the animals."


Made in United Kingdom

Weight: 45g (1.58 oz)

Dimensions: 6cmx5.5cm

The story

The lion dance is a traditional performance in Chinese culture that involves performers wearing lion costumes and dancing to the beat of drums and cymbals. It is believed to bring good luck and drive away evil spirits, and is often performed during festivals and celebrations. The lion is a symbol of power, courage, and wisdom in Chinese culture, and the lion dance represents these qualities in action. Through the lion dance, people can express their hopes and wishes for the future and celebrate the rich cultural heritage.

Safety Information:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Adult supervision required when children use bath bombs.
  • Please remember to take care as the essential oils in the bath bombs may make the bath slippery after water is drained away.
  • As with all skincare products, it is always a good idea to try on a small area of skin before general application. If you have allergies, please contact us for the specific ingredients of each scent and we will be more than happy to assist.
  • Our bath bombs are fully handmade so the weight and colour may vary slightly with the images.
  • At Rain and Sky Bath, we take great pride in using cruelty-free and fair trade ingredients in all of our products. We also make sure that the suppliers we source from follow and commit to the same ethical standards.
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